Best Websites to Find Trucking Jobs

Tired of your current trucking gig? Ready for something new and adventurous? Here are the best websites for finding trucking jobs.


The Truckers Report is a one-stop shop for those looking for flatbed, tanker and reefer trucking jobs. They also have specific searches set up for new drivers and owner/operators. Interested parties can search for jobs by city, state or ZIP code. Large companies and startups alike trust Truckers Report for posting jobs, so you’ll find a variety you can’t get most places.


CDL Job Now is a great place to look for trucking jobs if you’re looking for something specific. Search for jobs by route, type of hauling/truck or company. In addition to jobs, they also offer something called “company sponsored training” which helps people who want to be truck drivers get paired with companies that need them and are willing to train newcomers. If you’re looking to become a truck driver or are an experienced hauler looking for a specific gig, this site is for you.


Jobs in Trucks

If you’re looking to work for a specific company, is the place to go. They partner with businesses looking for CDL drivers and feature the jobs in coordination with the companies hiring for them. Like CDL Job Now, they also have links to driving schools that partner with companies so you can get your CDL license and immediately get hired afterwards.




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Hot Shot Drivers Taking Over Trucking Industry

Trucking is a serious business. It takes time, skills, dedication and most importantly, a truck. However, a new trend is emerging where semi-truck drivers are trading in 18 wheels for just four by switching to hot shot trucking.

Hot shot trucking is normally done over short distances in a flatbed truck, making it appealing to those who want to spend less time on the road and more time with their families.

A day in the life of a hotshot trucker is much different than that of a traditional truck driver. Take a look:

If this life sounds appealing to you, follow this list on how to become a hotshot trucker.

Are you a hotshot truck driver? What do you like about the job and what would you change?

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Average Truck Driver Salary in each State Ranked

How much do truckers get paid in the U.S.? You’ll get many different answers depending on who you ask and where you live. The median annual salary for heavy and tractor-trailer driver was $39,520 in 2014, but the wages depend heavily on the state. In what states do truck drivers earn the most money?

Average Annual Trucker Salary by State

  1. Alaska: $54,070
  2. North Dakota: $50,810
  3. Wyoming: $48,480
  4. Massachusetts: $47,970
  5. New Jersey: $47,120
  6. Nevada: $46,900
  7. New York: $ 46,610
  8. Connecticut: $46,410
  9. Illinois: $45,550
  10. Colorado: $44,600
  11. Washington: $44,070
  12. Montana: $44,070
  13. Utah: $43,990
  14. Hawaii: $43,570
  15. California: $43,380
  16. Pennsylvania: $43,260
  17. Minnesota: $42,960
  18. Delaware: $42,680
  19. Maryland: $42,390
  20. Indiana: $42,360
  21. Nebraska: $42,180
  22. Vermont: $42,040
  23. Ohio: $41,870
  24. Texas: $41,640
  25. Wisconsin: $41,480
  26. Iowa: $41,450
  27. Kansas: $41,410
  28. Rhode Island: $41,130
  29. Tennessee: $41,080
  30. Missouri: $40,860
  31. New Mexico: $40,810
  32. Alabama: $40,730
  33. New Hampshire: $40,620
  34. Arizona: $40,580
  35. Georgia: $40,560
  36. South Carolina: $40,380
  37. Oregon: $40,230
  38. Kentucky: $40,220
  39. Oklahoma: $40,150
  40. Michigan: $39,840
  41. Virginia: $39,470
  42. South Dakota: $38,900
  43. Louisiana: $38,850
  44. Mississippi: $38,790
  45. North Carolina: $38,620
  46. Maine: $37,720
  47. West Virginia: $37,430
  48. Idaho: $37,250
  49. Florida: $36,700
  50. Arkansas: $36,350

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Fun Ways for Truck Drivers to Stay Entertained

No one wants to fall into the same habits of everyday life and end up hopelessly bored. Freight hauling can be a hard industry to not accidentally fall into being bored a lot. If you want to stay entertained while on the road, then here are some ideas you can try out!

Find a hobby that is easily transported. Picking up the art of oil painting may be a hard one to take on the road with you, but looks for other hobbies that are a bit easier to clean up. A few suggestions are; writing, reading thrill novels, drawing with colored pencils, photography, or maybe even learning the guitar! It’s really up to what you think is manageable on the road with you, the sky is the limit!

Adopt a dog from a shelter. There are thousands of lonely pups sitting in shelters that you probably pass by every day. If you have the time and extra funds to devote to this, adding a furry co-captain to your truck could be a great way to keep yourself interested and engaged with your day.

Download some cool apps on your smart device. There are literally millions of apps available in the app-store and Google Play for Androids and iPhones. Search around on the “Most Popular” section and find some fun games to keep you occupied. Find a game that has levels to it so that you can continually work on beating the game!

Have fun and be creative! This is an opportunity for you to get better at something you already know, or to enjoy something new.

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The Strong Benefits of Freight Factoring

Factoring – not just a form of financing the supply and range of services. This distinguishes it from the more traditional nature of international trade instruments (letters of credit, guarantees, etc.). The participants of the transaction are: Supplier – seller of goods (works, services), is interested in obtaining as quickly as possible for their payment. The buyer, purchased goods (works, services), which is advantageous to pay for delivery to the greatest possible postponement. Factor – A bank or factoring company. Paid by the Supplier of the accounts receivable.
Stable funding is a prerequisite for successful business development. To stabilize the financial flows, minimizing risks and timely payment of the needs of enterprises can use a form of short-term financing as factoring.In an ideal world in freight factoring is not necessary. Companies – carriers will receive orders, deliver the goods, calculated with clients and in a short time to get paid. Once a business owner will receive proper care, he or she will pay the costs – maintenance of trucks, cost drivers, the price of fuel and the payment of suppliers. And also may be paid for additional costs such as for example a permit for oversize and overweight.Unfortunately, the majority of small and medium-sized transport companies in North America does not work that way. Some delay with payment of transport companies services – for decades or more taken that way to deal with the carrier, that is a month after the services are provided – the smaller the period of payment. In addition, there are drivers, staff and suppliers, whose services must be paid to the joint business was, and customer trucks to use the road.Therefore, freight factoring is that is needed. You should perform the following steps:

1. The customer orders shipping and precise details of the actual cargo, the delivery date and type of service.

2. The auto company takes the order and delivers the goods.

3. The auto company sends an invoice factoring company, and not the client.

4. Freight factoring companies pays a percentage of each bill of lading and invoice the client5. Once the customer has paid in full, the remaining amount (net of factoring commissions) paid to the motor companies.Overall, this is a simple and intuitive process – invoice paid almost immediately, it ensures the absence of administrative routine in the relationship with the customer. It also means that do not have to wait for weeks and months on end to get your money. The use of factoring as a financial instrument in modern conditions helps expanding export operations.

5. Once the customer has paid in full, the remaining amount (net of factoring commissions) paid to the motor companies.Overall, this is a simple and intuitive process – invoice paid almost immediately, it ensures the absence of administrative routine in the relationship with the customer. It also means that do not have to wait for weeks and months on end to get your money. The use of factoring as a financial instrument in modern conditions helps expanding export operations.
-Gives the company to attract new customers and offer them preferential terms-Shopping goods and services is an important element in the business insurance strength mutual responsibility of the parties is a promising tool for small and medium businesses that lack the resources. Freight factoring – is not the best and a speedy option, but if you want to ensure the company’s cash flow is constant, then it is something that is worth considering. Factoring commission will vary and can range from 1.5% to 6% of the bill. The service – a very profitable thing should also consider the time that is saved by the fact that we should not constantly talk on the phone with clients about unpaid invoices (or stand in line at the bank, in order to set the loan). In addition, it is possible to make an accurate calculation of wages of drivers.

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Why you should factor your freight bills: 4 benefits of doing it

air-freightFactoring your freight bills through a freight factoring company is a great way to have a steady income, without waiting for your customers to pay their invoices. Sometimes customers can take up to a month or even more, just for you to receive the payment for a freighting job you had already finished. If you want to cut down on that wait and be paid immediately, you may want to work with a freight factoring company. Through the factoring services that they provide, you can get paid right away regardless of whether the client has paid their shipping invoice or not.

Freight factoring companies can pay you in advanced because they have already bid for shipping invoices. And if you choose to fulfill their shipping invoice jobs and then after you have completed the job, you are then paid a percentage of the amount. Once the client or shipper has finally paid the full amount, you are then also given the final amount that is owed to you. Factoring your freighting invoices will then provide you with an easy way to find shipping jobs and also it gives you a convenient and quick way to get paid for finishing the job.
Factoring your freighting bill has many advantages too. As a freighting company, you should be aware that you can get a lot from availing of the services provided by freight factoring providers. Here are some great benefits you can receive. Hopefully, this article can convince you to work with a freight factoring company.

1. Immediately paid
You do not need to have a long waiting period if you want to get paid. If you choose to work with a freight factoring company and have your freight bills handled by that business, you can get paid immediately as soon as your job is done. If you choose to receive the payments for shipping jobs by yourself, you would also have to wait for a long time, sometimes as much as several weeks. That wait time could be a disaster for a freighting company that has to cover costs. So if you need a steady and immediate flow of income, try availing of freighting factoring companies, you can get paid right away.

cargo-box2. Reduces risks
Sometimes clients may have bad credit or will simply refuse to pay. This can be bad for many freighting companies, because while they have already spent the time and money to complete the job, and they will not get paid. This means that freighting companies could lose money through fuel costs and other expenses. This can be risky and could mean your company going under. If you would like to reduce risks, you can work with a freighting factoring company. You are paid regardless of whether the customer pays or not. There is a comparatively lower risk to you because the freighting factoring company will handle the payment collections.
3. Help cover your expenses
Freighting companies will have to cover a lot of expenses to keep their business running. Trucks can cost a lot of money to keep running. Fuel consumption and costs can be huge money sinks, and there are also maintenance costs and other fees. Freight factoring can help you cover those expenses through a steady flow of cash income to help keep your business running.

4. Provide your company with more opportunities
You can get more opportunities through working with a freight factoring service provider. This is because you can gain access to more shipping jobs through the ones listed by the freight factoring company. You also have access to a steady flow of cash, which could help you expand business operations.

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