Quick & Easy Freight Factoring


1369025_083041166000_2-copy360pix.biz is the official website of a freight factoring company that has had numerous years of experience serving freighters and carriers. 360pix.biz’s services include providing funding and financial income flow to freighters and carries, through various factoring schemes.

We offer the factoring of freight bills through our numerous plans and schemes for those looking for an affordable freight factoring service provider. If you have got a need to outsource your accounts receivable business processes, we can cover your needs through the services we provide. Our funding schemes include getting a percentage of your shipping invoice to for you be able to be paid in advanced, and we will then handle the customer payment collections.

Other freight bills factoring services that we offer include providing our clients with freight invoices. If you have a quick need to be able to find shipping jobs and invoices immediately, we can provide you with reasonable commission’s fees on our shipping invoices. Through the use of our shipping invoice program, our clients have been able to grow their businesses because they can find more jobs and contracts. Our shipping invoice program can help you connect with more customers.